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Call us for a consultation on 01905 969798.


Knee joint pain and stiffness can have a negative impact on our daily lives, especially if you have previously enjoyed such an active life. Wear and tear in the knee joint can make everyday activities such as walking and gentle exercise difficult with reduced mobility and pain.

Here at SO Aesthetics, we are SO privileged to have top orthopaedic knee surgeon.

Mr Andrew Pearse holds a regular knee joint injection clinic with us. Mr Pearse has over 20 years of experience working with and operating on knees.

Mr Pearse says, "Surgery for osteoarthritis can take significant time to recover from and carries risk. Therefore less invasive and highly effective safe alternatives are worth exploring."


Mr Pearse has offered HA knee joint injections within the private sector for many years with excellent results and now is offering that same treatment at our SO Knee Clinic. 

This works on a consultation basis only, which you can book by calling the Worcester clinic on 01905 969798.

Call us for a consultation on 01905 969798.