FAQ about lip fillers

Lips have always been considered as one of the most important and attractive features of our face. They indicate our emotions, with full lips being associated with youth and beauty.

Our lips are at their fullest in our 20s, which is why we associate a plump and defined mouth with youthfulness. But the composition of our lips and surrounding structures alters as part of the natural ageing process.From between the ages of 30-40, factors such as gravity, genetics and smoking play a role, leading to a sad-mouthed or drooping appearance. Lipstick bleed lines and a flattened cupid’s bow will also culminate in a mouth that looks less defined.

What is lip filler treatment?

Our range of gold standard lip filler treatments use a smooth gel formula to deliver a natural look and feel to the treated area. Most lip enhancements are achieved through natural hyaluronic acid biodegradable dermal fillers which are specifically developed for the lips and mouth area and produce the most natural, long lasting results.

The skin on your lips is extremely thin, making them particularly vulnerable to ageing. Some hyaluronic acid dermal fillers help to fill in vertical lines, ease drooping lip corners and attract and retain moisture to smooth dry, dehydrated lips. Others have more volumising properties to contour your lips and define your cupid’s bow, as well as subtly plump up tired or deflated lips for a natural look.

We only use FDA-approved, naturally biodegradable lip fillers designed with safety and efficacy in mind. At your initial consultation with our qualified medical practitioners, we’ll discuss a personalised lip filler treatment plan that’s just right for you.

What can lip filler treatment be used for?

The type of lip augmentation we recommend may vary depending on your age. For instance, you may want to achieve fuller-looking lips when in your 30s, but to smooth and reduce fine lines instead when in your 50s.

We may need to consider one, or a combination, of the following:

• Softening lipstick bleed lines by enhancing the edge of your lips

• Smoothing vertical lip lines, again by enhancing the edge of your lips

• Creating a natural lip contour through restoring or enhancing volume in the body of your lip

• Lifting the edges of your lips to restore their youthful position

• Improving the philtrum column definition of your upper lip for a lovely cupid’s bow

• Treating the marionette area underneath your mouth to provide support to the lip, help improve shadows in the area and your lower face profile contour.

How soon will I notice results?

The whole process takes just a few minutes and ice can be applied afterwards to reduce any slight swelling.

You should notice results right away, with optimum results seen 5-7 days after treatment once any potential light swelling has ceased.

How long does lip filler treatment last?

Lip enhancement treatments can last 6-9 months.

What should I expect?

It is always advisable to use the most highly trained and skilled medical practitioners for the most effective yet natural of differences.

Both Dr Davis and Nurse Practitioner pride themselves on their attention to detail to achieve natural looking results. They are both constantly training and educating themselves to ensure they are up to date with the latest products and methods of delivery.

We will look at your face from every angle to discuss your concerns. We will explain everything in detail and make you feel at ease and relaxed on the day of your treatment, knowing you’re in safe, expert and medically qualified hands.

Can you have lip fillers when you are pregnant?

Dermal fillers are not likely to affect your baby; however, we always suggest waiting until after you deliver and after you have finished breastfeeding. As no medical studies have been performed on pregnant women, we cannot predict how the skin will react to the filler, considering the body’s hormonal changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Your doctor will be able to offer you advice based on your own personal and medical history. Given how much your body changes during pregnancy, we don’t know how it will react to a new treatment; therefore, it is wise to air on the side of caution when considering cosmetic procedures.

How do I know if lip fillers will suit me?

Before any procedure of this kind you will be invited to have an in-depth consultation, during which you can talk through the expected results and discuss all the possible outcomes. Your practitioner will make a detailed assessment of your lips and inform you of the possible treatment recommendations that will give balance back to your lips, in keeping with your individual shape and age. For instance, you may want fuller looking lips in your 20s and 30s but as you get older, you may want to smooth and address the fine lines around your lips.

Are lip fillers anti-wrinkle injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections helps to smooth wrinkles by relaxing muscles in the targeted areas. It can be used to soften fine lines around the lips for carefully selected patients – but it is not used to volumise or contour the lips. To achieve this, a lip filler is used. Most lip fillers are made from natural hyaluronic acid made up of biodegradable dermal fillers specifically developed for the lips and mouth area, (hyaluronic acid exists naturally in the body). These dermal fillers help to subtly contour and plump the lips.

Are lip fillers plastic surgery?

Lip fillers are a non-surgical way to enhance lips. The Lip fillers we use are specifically developed for the lips and the mouth area and produce the most natural long lasting results. These are made up of hyaluronic acid (a substance that occurs naturally within the body). These specialist dermal fillers are injected into the lips to add volume and shape, as well as to improve the condition of the lips. This type of lip enhancement is lower risk compared to an invasive surgical procedure, when performed by an experienced medically qualified practitioner. HA fillers gradually dissolve over time, with effects lasting several months.

FAQ about cheek fillers

What are cheek fillers?

We only use the safest, most effective FDA-approved, naturally biodegradable dermal fillers at SO Aesthetics, such as the Juvederm® range. These hyaluronic acid fillers closely mimic the natural hyaluronic acid in our skin. They are injected deep within the tissues, for superior lift and sculpting possibilities to revolumise cheeks as well as hydrate the skin.

What can cheek fillers be used for?

Cheek fillers like Juvederm® VOLUMA® have a built-in aesthetic – Lidocaine. They can be used most effectively and naturally to restore areas of lost volume in the mid-face that occurs as we age, which often contributes to sagging and jowling. Strategic and skillful placement of filler can lift and support the face naturally, redefining the cheeks and adding support where it is needed most.

How soon will I notice results?

With dermal fillers, you should be able to notice the difference immediately as a non-surgical lift.

How long do cheek fillers last?

Dermal fillers are semi-permanent and will break down over time depending on the area treated, so further treatment may be required to maintain your natural, understated appearance.

Most dermal fillers these days can last 6-12 months.

What should I expect?

Our medical professionals at SO Aesthetics, ensure that a natural looking result is achieved with 100% patient satisfaction. We will explain everything in detail and make you feel at ease and relaxed on the day of your treatment, knowing you’re in safe, expert and medically qualified hands.

How safe are cheek fillers?

Millions of dermal filler treatments have been performed worldwide and are extremely safe and effective when injected properly,

resulting in the most natural of differences. Neither form of treatment requires allergy testing.

Is there any downtime?

Dermal filler treatment usually takes approximately 30 minutes to perform. There is little to no downtime apart from the potential of some minimal bruising or swelling. You can resume normal activities right away.

I’m interested in having cheek fillers but will the injections hurt?

Many people find their procedures at SO Aesthetics more comfortable than expected, and most facial fillers contain an anaesthetic. Our medical practitioners are highly skilled and precise; you should merely feel a light sting on your skin during the injection procedure.

FAQ about Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum toxin has undergone extensive clinical trials and is licensed for cosmetic use in the UK. This has been done by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Botulinum toxin is a prescribed medicine. You must see a Doctor or Nurse before you can obtain a prescription

What is Botulinum Toxin?

Botulinum toxin is a naturally purified protein that works as a muscle relaxant. It’s often prescribed by doctors in the UK to treat medical conditions such as chronic migraines, eyelid spasms, and even hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating in the armpits, hands and feet).

How does Botulinum Toxin work?

As we get older, it’s natural for wrinkles, brow furrows and forehead lines or a sagging neck to appear. This can often be due to weakened collagen in the skin because of too much sun exposure or natural gravity or because of excess facial movement or due to genetic predisposition.

Botulinum toxin can, therefore, be used to treat facial lines caused by the action of these muscles on the skin through wrinkle injections. It reversibly relaxes facial muscles to smooth those unwanted wrinkles and stop deeper lines forming. When done properly, brow relaxing and crow’s feet relaxing should never lead to a frozen, ‘caught-in-the-headlights’ look.

Botulinum toxin, anti-wrinkle treatment can help by:

• Diminishing the deep creases between your eyebrows, or crow’s feet and forehead lines

• Reversing a puckered or pointy chin (known as a ‘witchy chin’) by relaxing the muscle that causes the puckering. It creates a smooth, dimple-free lower face

• Tightening and redefining the neck and jaw line for an elegant and more youthful look through a ‘Nefertiti Neck Lift’. This a simple, and usually highly effective, procedure without any downtime

• Treating teeth grinding by relaxing the jaw muscles and reducing tension on the jaw joint

Treating excessive sweating (known as ‘Hyperhidrosis’). Injecting into sweat glands in the armpits, hands or feet has had safe, dramatic and life-changing results for many of our patients.

Is Botulinum Toxin safe?

Botulinum toxin has an excellent safety profile with over 2.5 million users to date across the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany. The doses are very small and the risks are minimal. If any do occur, they’re temporary and just mild to moderate.

We cannot stress enough how important is it for botulinum toxin anti-wrinkle injections to be performed by doctors and nurses with appropriate qualifications and expertise in a clinical setting.

How long do botulinum toxin, anti-wrinkle injections last?

You may need to repeat treatment approximately every 3-4 months over a 12-month period to maintain your fresh and natural appearance. Clinical trials report that some patients who’ve had treatment over 12 months only need further treatments once or twice the following year. Your medical practitioner will give you all the advice you need.

How long do botulinum toxin, anti-wrinkle injections take to work?

It normally takes 5-7 days for botulinum toxin, anti-wrinkle injections, brow freezing or crow’s feet freezing treatments to work. At SO Aesthetics, we believe in helping you look great for your age in a completely natural and subtle way. We usually obtain good results after just a single injection.

Is there any downtime?

Treatment usually takes around 20 minutes. If there’s a little bruising, you can easily camouflage it with makeup. There is no downtime and you can resume normal activities right away.

Do anti-wrinkle injections hurt?

Many people find their procedure at SO Aesthetics more comfortable than expected. That’s because our medical practitioners are so highly skilled and precise; you should merely feel a mild sting on your skin that only lasts seconds. The procedure is simple to perform. Some people may experience slight bruising from the anti-wrinkle injections, but this will go away.

Where does Botulinum Toxin come from?

BOTOX® is a drug made from Clostridium botulinum bacterium. The BOTOX® injection is a purified protein derived from the toxin and is used in both medical and cosmetic procedures to treat conditions such as:

• Chronic migraine

• Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

• Overactive bladder

• Smoothing of wrinkles

Botulinum toxin injections work by blocking the interaction between the muscles and the nerve endings. It is FDA approved for the improvement of fine lines and wrinkles.

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