What is it?

The tear trough is the area between your cheek and lower eyelid. As we age, we
lose volume in this area sometimes causing under-eye dark circles to appear. An
effective tear trough treatment is to inject filler into this area – restoring the lost
volume and reducing the appearance of dark circles. The results are natural and
give a younger, fresher, less tired-looking appearance.

How do we treat under your eyes?

At SO Aesthetics we use the Juvederm Vycross range hyaluronic acid fillers. They
are a premium brand which are safe, produce immediate results with almost none
to little downtime. These fillers are not of animal or human origin, therefore a skin
test is not needed and you can have the HA treatments performed immediately. HA
fillers are biodegradable which means that they are gradually absorbed as the gel
breaks down and water takes its place. When totally absorbed, the HA gel
disappears unnoticed from the body. How long a HA filler treatment holds its effect
is very individual but can last from 6-18 months. This depends on many factors,
such as your age, skin type, lifestyle, and muscle activity, as well as on product

What to expect

The injections are usually painless. When treating the eyelid skin, the filler is
injected under the skin, in tiny aliquots, with a very thin blunt cannula. This
technique is the safest and most accurate method for this procedure. After the
treatment bruising and visible lumps are to be expected for 3-7 days. This can be
effectively covered up with concealer or foundation & patients can resume work.


Potential side effects

1 Bruising and or redness of the skin at the site of injection
2 Lumpiness and or granuloma formation
3 Swelling and or Overfilling
4 Allergic Reaction

You should not have this treatment if you…
• Have a known allergy to the product or lidocaine
• Have an active infection at site of injection
• Have alcohol in your system: the injections are more likely to give you
• Are pregnant
• Are breastfeeding