Masseter Jaw Reduction

An overgrown masseter muscle can be a concerning issue for both men and women. Using Botulinum Toxin we can block the activity of targeted muscles, causing a decrease in the size of that muscle.

Masseter Jaw Reduction

For some a square, or masculine jaw is a case for concern. Aesthetically some feel like a square jaw may give an odd appearance to their facial contour which occurs due to hypertrophy (organ enlargement due to increase in the size of cells) in the masseter muscle (that is attached to the angles of the jaw bone). It can also be built up by Bruxism (teeth grinding).

Once injected, Botulinum Toxin blocks activity of targeted muscles using the same phenomenon of treating wrinkles, causing subsequent muscular atrophy (decrease in the size of that muscle). Patients can observe softening of the masseter muscle within a week and the relaxing of the jawline at around 6-8 weeks. The takes around 15 minutes for the procedure to complete.

Cost – £250
All prices are inclusive of VAT. 

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How long does it last?

In some cases even “permanent changes” may occur as reported by some researchers after 2 to 3 treatments. Regardless, the effects of Botox jaw reduction in most treatments are temporary non-surgical jaw reduction treatment which remain observable for 6-12 months. Bruxism patients may not be able to get permanent results due to the clenching of the teeth, their muscle becomes strengthened.

Are there any side effects?

You will first have consultation session prior to the treatment where your cosmetic doctor guides you further about the procedure. There is minor discomfort and most people compare the injection in this region similar to a mosquito bite. Also there is no downtime, therefore patients can leave the clinic once the non-surgical jaw reduction procedure is completed.