We’re now open!

Good news! We’re now open for bookings… FINALLY!

In essence, lips and cheeks are back on the menu, along with all the other fabulous treatments that we offer.

But before we talk to you about the fabulous things we can do to lips, we would love to introduce you to two new members of the SO team…


 SO team newbies!

Helen joins us from Serene AV where she has been working and supporting her husband Jason in the family business. She is a complete whirlwind and breath of fresh air to have around the place. She is obsessed with fitness, supports Man United, makes a mean beef welly, drinks vodka from Friday-Sunday and has just become a mother again at the age of 49 to a kitten called Peppa.

Natalia has just finished her A-levels in Maths, Biology and Chemistry and she’s also just completed a research qualification on Proton Therapy in Cancer Treatment. She has a place at Bath University, pending results (we know it’s in the bag) to study Chemical Engineering. Natalia enjoys playing the piano and horse riding and competes in dressage and showjumping. We’re hopeful that she’ll work with us in her uni holidays.

From now on, Helen or Natalia will be one of the first (smiling) faces or voices you see or speak to when you come to us for your treatment. They’ll navigate you through the clinic with all the relevant paperwork that you need, book your follow up appointments and take payments.

Coming up: Lip Clinic

That’s right, you can come along to our fabulous lip clinic, which usually takes place on the 1st Monday of every month. 

When’s the next clinic?

The next lip clinic will be on Monday 7th September 2020. 

Drop us a line to find out more.

Lips you’ll LOVE!

What we really want to talk to you about today is lips…. and I’m not talking about those super inflated Pete-Burns-style lips that most people associate with fillers.

As we age, our lips change. They flatten, lose their volume and plumpness. The contours become blurred. Often, due to these changes, how we look on the outside doesn’t reflect how we feel on the inside.

Every smile is unique, which is why at SO Aesthetics we have researched our products, and we stock a range of dermal fillers suitable for different needs. We assess each patient by listening to their desires and assessing their smile, then choose the perfectly-matched product to achieve the desired outcome.

Whatever your age, personality or the result that you’re looking for, we will customise your treatment and choose the best Hyaluronic acid (HA) gels to enhance your smile area, such as the vermillion border, cupids bow, barcode lines (smokers lines), upper lip wrinkles and philtrum.

Age 25+

You may be looking for fuller, more pronounced lips. To achieve this outcome, you will need a gel specifically created for lip volume and projection for a well-designed lip outline and well-defined cupids bow. The outcome: more seductive and kissable lips.

Age 35+

You might desire a more natural-looking enhancement to restore some of the lost volume in your lips. You will need a more dynamic gel that provides a soft, hydrated finish with natural lip movement.

Age 42+

At this stage, you might be feeling as though you have lost some shape to you lips. You will need a subtle yet dynamic gel to redesign your contour and cupids bow for a subtle yet visible reshaping for a more youthful smile. 

Age 51+ 

For ladies that fit into this category, you may be beginning to worry about the signs of ageing. You may be bothered by your thinning lips, lines and wrinkles and looking for a subtle yet visible lip re-plump and re-contouring.

Age 65+ 

You may be at an age now where you feel comfortable, however, you may still want to maintain an energetic and fresh look. You may be starting to see little wrinkles between your nose and lip and that your lipstick “bleeds” into them. You are looking to restore definition and minimise lip wrinkles whilst keeping it undetectable and natural.

If you have any questions, please do call us 07903216357

You can book an appointment here.