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If you have been tempted by one of our larger packages over £500 and would like to spread the cost, then our new PLIM Finance option could be just for you.

PLIM is a platform that offers an interest free "Buy Now, Pay Later" credit service that allows you to spread the cost of your treatment over 1 or 3 months.



  1. On your desktop device via PLIM Marketplace

  2. On your phone via PLIM Marketplace

  3. Directly in clinic

An invitation will be sent to you to complete and if successful you will be asked to pay 25% of the total amount. Then the outstanding balance is to be paid over the next 3 months.


For Example

Book a Course of Profhilo for £550.

PLIM will ask you to pay £137.50 as your deposit and then spread the remaining £412.50 the following month if choosing PLIM 1, or over 3 months if opting for PLIM 3. interest FREE!

Students are also able to use PLIM to pay for academic courses.

PLIM is a form of credit which may not be suitable for everyone. Paying via PLIM is subject to approval and may affect your credit score. 

See product terms for more details at

UK residents only

For more information or to book your treatment and pay with PLIM call us on 01905 969798

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