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The Lipstick Effect : Aesthetic Medicine, A Recession Proof Industry

In August of 2022, the UK officially entered its first recession in over 13 years. As inflation hits a 40-year high and the country braces itself for what could be the most severe cost of living crisis in decades, a distinct air of uncertainty has swept the nation, with individuals and businesses eager to tighten their purse strings in hopes of weathering the storm ahead.

Whilst the first reaction for many may be to cut spending in hopes that the overheads and expenses will soon return to pre-recession rates, an economic downturn is a prime opportunity to explore additional income streams or build an entirely new career.

Training in aesthetic medicine is the perfect example of a high-demand skillset that will not only boost your employability but could also significantly increase your financial reward and job satisfaction.

This blog post will cover the various benefits of training as an aesthetician and why a recession is a better time than any to do so. We’ll also outline our payment plans which we have recently introduced to help you spread the cost of our courses and make the cost of aesthetics training more manageable during this tough economic time.

The demand for aesthetic treatments in a negative economy

The aesthetics industry has grown exponentially year-on-year over the past decade, transforming from extreme to mainstream and now a firm staple in the British public’s wellness routines. In fact, the global aesthetics industry is expected to be worth an estimated USD 26.5 billion (GBP 23.3 billion) by 2024, as reported by Business Wire. The sector also experienced a significant rise in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, with an increased focus on self-care observed by many. As one of the country’s fastest-growing industries with no signs of slowing down, now is a prime opportunity for prospective practitioners and the perfect time to utilise your medical background to become a service provider in this exciting sector.

Aesthetic medicine: A recession-proof skill

Whilst negative economic periods cause severe financial hardship for many, the most effective way to thrive during a recession is to create an additional income stream or diversify your skillset to allow you to make the switch to a more lucrative industry.

As a nation, we are inherently drawn to goods and services that make us feel good and lift our mood and confidence.

The 'Lipstick Effect' is a term coined by Leonard Lauder, the chair of Estee Lauder that describes the idea that consumers will spend on small indulgences during recessions and economic downturns. Beauty treatments, as a whole, have always been in high demand. Still, industry competition remains high, with most services falling under a more general skillset that does not require medical training. As a healthcare professional specialising in aesthetic medicine, you can offer a highly skilled service that will enable you to command a significant rate of pay.

Future-proof your career with aesthetic medicine

Acquiring a quality education in aesthetic medicine from a reputable training provider will set you up for a challenging and financially rewarding career as an aesthetics practitioner. With the demand for non-surgical injectables higher than ever, you can expect a significant return on investment and, even as a beginner, the ability to begin practising immediately upon completion of training.

Payment Plans with Plim

With a harsh recession very much underway and the cost of living on the rise, we understand that training for a new career is a significant investment and felt a duty to offer our delegates bite-size payment plans to make the cost of our courses more manageable. For maximum flexibility, you can now choose to spread the cost of our courses. If you would like to find out further information about the training we provide and payment plans we currently offer, visit our website here to find out more.

Why Train with SO Aesthetics Training Academy

Are you a healthcare professional interested in pursuing a career in aesthetic medicine? Whether you’re new to aesthetics or an existing practitioner wishing to expand your education, we have an extensive range of courses designed to suit a wide range of needs and career goals. If you’d like to learn more about the types of training we offer, please email our team at or call us on 01905 969798

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