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SkinMed Enerpeel® facial peels can be made bespoke to you and your specific skin concerns. Please book a consultation with us to find out which peel is best for you.

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What are SkinMed EnerPeels?


Enerpeel® skin peels don’t peel… they remodel!


Unlike other peels, Enerpeel® delivers treatment ingredients deep into the skin rather than on it, remodelling without excessive exfoliation, redness, flaking, peeling and surface trauma.


The different Enerpeel® systems contain specific ingredient combinations to target each individual skin condition.


Here at SO Aesthetics, your Skin Therapist will advise on the best Peel for your unique skin make-up during your consultation. We’ll also advise on the best preparation products to support your treatment and maximise results.


The Enerpeel® emphasis is on remodelling, restructuring, rejuvenating, reducing and controlling skin concerns such as:


  • Acne

  • Rosacea

  • Thread veins

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Seborrhoea

  • Hypertrophic, operation and injury scards

  • Surface remodelling

  • Deep lines and wrinkles

  • Stretch marks

  • Hyper Keratosis

  • Actinic keratosis

  • Sun damage

  • Melasma

  • Photo-ageing


The whole Enerpeel® range contains the ingredient MSM, which has shown to promote normal healing and to restrict chemicals that may cause irregular or abnormal healing. It also has calming properties and reduces irritation, making the clinical experience much more comfortable.

For Acne: EnerPeel® Salicylic Acid


An EnerPeel® for Acne. Designed to break down oil and surface debris in acne skins, while also introducing the three key ingredients to control inflammation, kill bacteria, reduce oil production and normalise excess skin cell production. Significantly improves all types of acne including pustular acne with minimal side effects over 3-5 sessions. Use with the Tebiskin® OSK medical acne range for complete oil and acne control.


For fine lines and wrinkles: Enerpeel® Pyruvic Acid


Designed for lines and wrinkles, tightening saggy skin but also controls oily skin, reduces pore size and sun damage, including actinic keratosis. This EnerPeel® can also be used on the chest and neck area to improve fine lines and wrinkles. Use with Tebiskin® EGF and Tebiskin® Hyal for improved plumping and tightening or use Tebiskin® OSK for oil and T-zone control.


For pigmentation: Enerpeel® Jessners


Contains two ingredients to slow down excessive pigment production to reduce sun damage, melasma and other long standing pigmentation issues. For pigmentation caused from minor inflammation then consider EnerPeel® MA as an alternative. Jessners is ideal for age related pigmentation such as sun damage and age spots. Also great for those who want to prevent pigmentation developing but are looking to achieve a refreshed and revitalised skin feeling. Use with Tebiskin® SOD-C (vitamin C) and Tebiskin® Lightening cream for pigmentation control.


For rejuvenation: EnerPeel® Mandelic Acid


An all year round chemical peel, uniquely designed to work within the skin rather than on the skin. This quick procedure will leave you feeling instantly rejuvenated, with visible improvements to your skin over the next few weeks. It’s suitable for most skin types, and as well as its fantastic rejuvenation capability it can also help treat rosacea, reddening skin, un-even skin tone, spider/thread veins and hyper pigmentation in sensitive skins. A perfect peel as a pick me up for glowing radiant skin before a night out. Use with Synchrorose® products for continuous rosacea control.

Is it painful?


During the procedure, you may feel a mild to moderate stinging sensation, which your Skin Therapist will monitor. With the milder peels, you may not feel anything. If you have a higher-strength peel, then a stinging sensation can be expected. However, it is not painful!


After Care


After a peel, you may notice that your skin is flushed, pink or red (almost like you have caught the sun that day) and your skin may also feel dry or tight. At or around day 3 post-treatment, you may experience some slight peeling or flaking. This is to be expected and will last 1 – 2 days.


It is important to wear SPF every day post-procedure for at least 2 weeks and avoid products containing Retinol, Glycolic or any other exfoliating ingredients for the first-week post-procedure.


You should be okay to apply your usual makeup the following day, however, do confirm this with your Skin Therapist. We also recommend avoiding physical activity until the following day.

How long will the results last?


This all depends on a number of factors:


  • Type of peel

  • If you have used skin preparatory products

  • If you use the aftercare products

  • Whether you’ve had a single treatment or a course of treatments


You would normally repeat your treatment on an annual basis, but your Skin Therapist will advise what’s best for you. Some people top up every few months to maintain results.

Is it safe?


All treatments carry a degree of risk and complications; these will all be discussed with you during your consultation. This assessment will get your skin prepared appropriately and ensure the right pre- and after-care is used to minimise issues and ensure that you get the best results safely.


The most common side effects are:

Erythema | Dryness | Itchiness | Tenderness | Peeling | Swelling


All of these side effects are generally temporary and are usually settled in a couple of days, depending on which peel you have had.

How do I know if I am suitable for an EnerPeel®?


Your Skin Therapist will complete a skin assessment with you to decide whether you are suitable to have an EnerPeel® and to evaluate which EnerPeel® protocol would the best for you.


We would not carry out an EnerPeel® if any of the below apply:


  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding

  • If you are allergic to salicylic acid (aspirin) for salicylic containing peels only

  • We may not peel in an area where there was active Herpes simplex (cold sores). Those prone to cold sores may be advised to use an anti-viral cream for a number of days before peeling that area.

  • Recent Surgery (up to the last 6 months, although typically the clinician is looking to see skin has fully recovered from the procedure before peeling that area).

  • Recent laser treatments (up to the last 6 months, although typically the clinician is looking to see skin has fully recovered from the procedure before peeling that area).

  • Dermabrasion treatments and any other treatment that may alter or compromise the cutaneous structure (typically the clinician is looking to see skin has fully recovered from the procedure before peeling that area).

  • Immunosuppressive diseases

  • Previous radiotherapy of the skin portion to be the exfoliated that might compromise the physiological regeneration of the skin (peels are used by radio therapists as well, so this may vary depending on clinical need)

  • Family history of developing keloid or hypertrophic scars (pre care treatment may mean peeling is possible for hypertrophic risk)

  • Family history of developing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (pre care treatment and correct assessment and evaluation may mean peeling is possible)

  • Other medical considerations

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