Price List

Packages of 2 or more injectable treatments

Have 2 or more injectable treatments at one appointment and receive 10% off

e.g. 2 areas botox + 0.5ml lip filler for £315 (instead of £350)


Virtual consultation via Zoom or Facetime

Anti-Ageing Injections

1 Area Botox

2 Area Botox

3 Area Botox

All Botox appointments include a 2 week review appointment with any top-ups included

Other Injectables

Gummy Smile

Masseter Jaw Reduction/Teeth Grinding

Nefertiti Neck Lift

Excessive Sweating

Dermal Fillers

0.5ml Lip Filler

1ml Lip Filler

1ml Facial Filler (jaw, chin or cheek)

2ml Facial Filler (jaw, chin or cheek)

Nasolabial Folds

Tear Troughs

Lip Filler Dissolve

Lip Filler Dissolve + 1ml Lip Filler

Temple Filler


Per appointment (four appointments are required for full results)


Per appointment (two appointments are required for full results)


3 Step Express Hydrafacial: 30mins

6 Step Hydrafacial for Life: 60mins

Specialist Hydrafacial with added Booster

Lip Perk add-on

Eye Perk add-on

Lip and Eye Perk add-on

Dermalux LED Phototherapy

IV Drips

ZO Medical Facials & Peels

Stimulator peel with free Dermalux session

Skin Brightening Facial with free Dermalux session

3 Step TCA Peel with free Dermalux session

Mole & Skin Tag Removal

Skin Tag removal

Mole Removal plus histology

Additional mole removal plus histology

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty





































The Lip Clinic: First Monday each month

0.5ml Lip Filler for only £120

1.0ml Lip Filler for only £180

Book in your lip filler appointment on the first Monday each month,

and we will apply the special offer rate!


We are so passionate about our customers all having glowing skin, and Dermalux is an amazing treatment we offer at SO Aesthetics

SO! We have a special offer for you: all customers will receive a free Dermalux treatment

(worth £40) with any appointment with us at our Worcester clinic


Whether it’s Hydrafacial, Microneedling, Profhilo or Injectables, you can either have your Dermalux treatment straight afterwards or if you prefer to have it at another time to suit you, a voucher will be given to you after your treatment.

Terms & Conditions

  • This voucher is for a Dermalux LED treatment

  • Treatment can only be conducted at our Worcester clinic location

  • You must complete a Dermalux Consent form

  • This voucher is non transferrable to another person of for another treatment

  • This voucher has no cash value

  • The voucher expires at midnight on the expiry date