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Dermaplaning is a safe method of physical exfoliation using a sterile, surgical scalpel to shave the skin's surface gently. It removes the topmost layer of dead skin plus any dirt and oil build-up in the hair follicles, along with fine, vellus hair (aka peach fuzz). This painless procedure leaves the skin more silky-smooth than other exfoliation techniques due to the hair removal process.

A Dermaplane Facial also reduces the appearance of acne scars and diminishes the look of fine lines. It has been used for many years but has recently become the must-have celebrity treatment!


The Deluxe Dermaplane Facial

40 mins £65

A full and thorough consultation is carried out before your treatment begins. Your facial will include a gentle foam cleanse to remove surface impurities and make-up and help regulate the skin's PH levels. An Enzyme exfoliating peel is applied to the nose & decollete to dissolve dead skin cells and refine the skin.


Once the skin is clean and free from impurities the Dermaplane exfoliation is carried out. Following the procedure, you will experience 10 minutes under our super-powered Dermalux Tri-wave MD LED lamp, which boosts collagen, eliminates bacteria and calms the skin. Following this, you will be drenched in SPF50 moisturiser to keep those nasty UVA/UVB rays at bay for post-procedure protection.


Post-Facial Care

It's vital to remember that, after a Dermaplane facial, your skin will be much more sensitive to the sun's UV rays and other environmental factors. While this is true of any facial, it is vital after having a Dermaplane facial as a deeper level of exfoliation has occurred. Ensure you use SPF protection on your face immediately after the procedure and reapply it often to keep your skin radiant and healthy.


Is a Dermaplane Facial for me?

A Dermaplane facial is appropriate for all ages and for most skin types. However, this treatment may not suit you if you have deep cystic acne or sensitive skin. If you do have acne, wait until breakouts are clear. We always conduct a full consultation before treatment to advise on the right steps for you.


Please note that if you have sensitive skin, a Dermaplane Facial will remove 21 days’ worth of dead skin cells. So, your skin will be more sensitive post-treatment. It is also worth noting that Dermaplaning is only meant for the face, not the nose, neck, or chest. 



Hydraplane Facial

Supercharge your Hydrafacial with an added Dermaplane step. Find out more about this amazing, deep cleansing treatment here.

The Hydraplane Facial is priced at £120 and is 1hr 15 mins.

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