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We are one of just a few clinics in the whole of the UK to be offering HArmonyCa, a new revolutionary hybrid injectable filler that not only provides an immediate volumising effect but also stimulates collagen regrowth long after treatment, tightening and lifting your cheeks and jawline for up to 24 months.

This filler combines Hyaluronic Acid with Calcium Hydroxyapatite. The Hyaluronic Acid element adds volume to the face, which fills hollow areas around the cheeks and jaw. Calcium Hydroxyapatite stimulates collagen production which helps to gradually tighten and lift the skin, which is what makes HArmonyCa so unique.

Our clinical director, Dr Matt Davis, is one of just a few injectors in the whole of the UK who is now offering this pioneering new treatment. HArmonyCa is brand new to the UK market but has been used in other countries for many years. 

Where can this be used?

HArmonyCa is specifically used for the lower face only. It helps to volumise, lift and tighten the cheeks and jawline.

How many treatments do I need?

HArmonyCa is injected into each side of the lower face in one 20-30 minute appointment. The filler should last for around 18-24 months before you need treatment again.


What should I expect after my treatment?

The volume you see immediately after your treatment will stay the same, however over the next 18-24 months you will see gradual, continual improvement in the appearance of your skin due to the stimulation of new collagen regrowth.

HArmonyCa is priced at £850 per treatment.

Book online or call us on 01905 96 97 98.

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