Hayfever Injections Worcester

Hayfever Injections
in Worcester and Bewdley

Are you looking to combat those pesky hayfever symptoms? We offer the hayfever injection at our Worcester and Bewdley clinics.


The injection for hayfever can reduce symptoms for around three months. Only one dose is needed. This steroid treatment is recommended for those with more severe symptoms, or if you have previously been prescribed other treatments such as oral antihistamines, eye drops and nose sprays.

How long does the hayfever injection take to work?


After receiving the hayfever injection, it will take between one to 48 hours to see the effects.


Please contact us for more information and to see if the hayfever injection is right for you.

The hayfever injection is available now at our Worcester and Bewdley clinics.


Priced at £70

Book online or call us on 01905 96 97 98.